Affordable Medical Grade Solutions

Buy Native PPE is an Indigenous Owned Business, providing affordable PPE solutions for our customers to keep safe during this Cornavirus Pandemic.

KN95 Mask

Thermostat Hand Held

The thermometer features the high-precision infrared sensors, which makes it feature the stable and reliable performance, and the thermometer features the strong adaptability to ambient temperature, which can still be used normally in complex environments.  The digital thermometers are designed for all ages, adults, infants and the elderly. It support the forehead, ear function, or point to check temp functions.

Thermostat Wall Mount

A reading is taken as soon as an individual’s forehead is detected within 2-4 inches of the thermometer’s sensor. A green light will indicate that their temperature is within a normal range, and a flashing red light and audible alarm will indicate that the person has a high temperature.  To maintain safe levels of social distancing, our infrared thermometer can identify individuals with high temperatures without requiring physical contact with the equipment. The device can operate independently without human assistance.

Hand Sanitizer

Balin Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel.  Suitable for hand sanitization for household, workplace, school, and other public places.

KN95 Mask for Kids

Advanced filter dust particulate matter mask (non-medical.) for kids, pollen prevention, dust proof, allergy free, sanitary materials grade